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Big Break Software Podcast

Jun 30, 2021

Michael Mandel, CEO and co-founder of Compstak talks about building his MVP, meeting his co-founder, and building the company from 0-30,000 MRR. Listen for valuable lessons.

Compstak is a marketplace that is based on a crowd-sourced framework. Users can leverage the framework to find hard to get data. Michael Mandel,...

Jun 22, 2021

Chris Daigle, founder and M & A advisor, talks to Geordie about his passion of the digital marketing industry and how he helps businesses scale. Listen in for the details. 

Chris Daigle boasts many years of experience in M & A digital marketing, business development, and business management industries. Today, he is a...

Jun 15, 2021

Adrian Tobey of Groundhogg talks about coming up with his business idea, building his MVP, and how he propelled his SaaS from poor performance to 30,000 MRR

Adrian Tobey is the CEO and sole founder of Groundhogg, a market automation and customer relationship management WordPress Plugin that offers users a comprehensive...

Jun 8, 2021

Running a SaaS in the very Competitive Space of Online Scheduling with Bridget Harris of

Bridget Harris, Co-founder and CEO at YouCanBook.Me talks about inventing the scheduling tool and building a  SaaS to 30,000 MRR. Learn more from the podcast. 

Before launching, Bridget was an advisor...

Jun 1, 2021

Ertan Can of Multiple Capital talks about his passion for micro funds, investment expectations, and the components that make way for success in his investments. 

A fund of funds is an investment approach that involves investing in a collection of funds instead of directly investing in bonds, stocks, or other securities....