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Big Break Software Podcast

Aug 20, 2020

We interviewed Sean Fulp on his company's experience with SaaS. Listen now to understand why advanced technology is essential for the smooth running of your business.

Sean Fulp is the executive managing director for Newmark Knight Frank, a publicly-traded international full-service real estate company. The company strives to facilitate real estate transactions without teams or agents. Sean recently collaborated with Geordie Wardman and his team in a bid to understand how SaaS works. He shares the entire experience with Geordie. 

What you will Learn

  • Why companies need to adopt advanced technology practices
  • How businesses can leverage SaaS to achieve more with a small team
  • Importance of data in different industries
  • Why companies should consider outsourcing their services
  • Why companies should engage decision-makers that control the product in their industry
  • Importance of automating certain functions in your business
  • Why communication is critical for any business project
  • How to identify a great team to work with
  • Why you should opt to engage professionals instead of doing things on your own

In this Episode:

Times have changed, and nearly every industry today has transformed from analog to digital practices. Companies that are not innovative are likely to drag when it comes to productivity and return on investment. It is this realization that prompted Sean to approach Geordie and his team in search of a viable solution.

Apart from selling commercial real estate, Sean admits that the company specializes in various other things. He says the organization is diverse, and he only leads a particular revenue stream within the company. Sean and his team are in agreement that they need technology to scale their practices both from an automation and marketing point of view. In his words, he refers to himself and his able team as market makers.

Listen as Sean explains why and how they plan to accomplish more with fewer people. Sean tells Geordie the reason they need the SaaS technology is to help facilitate smooth transactions from a marketing and workflow point of view. He mentions that the structure of the company allows for effectiveness when they are dealing with their customers face to face. However, they are hardly doing so currently. Instead, they are adopting virtual practices.

Sean says they do not see themselves going back to running the business physically. Technology will play a role in propelling their efforts to the next level. He tells Geordie that they strive to increase their revenue. To achieve this, they spend a lot of their present engaging decision-makers who control the commercial real estate industry.

Sean says he chose to work with Geordie’s team to get help in automating things that hardly generate revenue to enhance workflow. He and his team are happy that adopting SaaS has helped them reduce the duration it takes to complete tasks. Listen as he expounds on this topic.

Sean admits that they have achieved a lot from working with Geordie. You will need to listen to understand how much Geordie and his team have helped Sean automate their reports. From working with Geordie, Sean and his team have connected with people from different backgrounds.

He says they now have an effective system that allows them to collaborate with their consumers smoothly. He is pleased about the consistent use of a vast range of applications and tools that Geordie and his team use. He admits that they always receive recommendations on how to enhance the efficiency of their services from Geordie’s team.  

Listen to Sean as he narrates the tremendous benefits he and the company have gained from working with Geordie. Sean has excellent things to say on what his company has achieved from working with Geordie’s team. He says before the collaboration, they were achieving okay results. However, they wanted something better.

They were looking to collaborate with a passionate and committed team of professionals. He admits that Geordie and his team have surpassed his expectations. You can only get a clear essence of his satisfaction from listening to the explanation in his own words.

Sean is happy with what Geordie and his team have managed to do on the design and engineering part of their website. Listen to learn more about what Geordie’s team did and how Sean and his team are handling the site to maintain its user-friendliness. Sean shares tips on his experience so far.

Listen to him as he explains his utmost appreciation to Geordie for what they have managed to do within a short period. If you are a business owner, Sean reiterates the importance of understanding your scope of business. What are you developing? How long will it take? Do you have qualified in-house staff to do it to perfection? According to Sean, sometimes you just have to stop what you are doing to ensure the entire team understands the scope. From there you can work together towards success.  


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