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Big Break Software Podcast

May 14, 2020

Justin Burns is the co-founder and CEO Miestro, an online platform for coaches, trainers, and organizations to host and sell their courses. Justin started working right after high school and found himself gravitating towards sales. Justin is now considered as a  well-known expert in the online marketing space. He is also a best selling author and a keynote speaker with an impressive coaching and teaching background.

In this episode…

In the SaaS space, it is very easy to just get caught up trying so hard to iterate and build your product right. That’s a good thing but if you’re doing it without talking to your customers first, you will end up losing a lot of money and getting frustrated. According to Justin Burns, it is vital for SaaS companies to get feedback from their prospective customers on what they want from a product to achieve a great product-market fit.

Justin Burns didn’t start out early in the tech industry and he didn’t even have a tech background to begin with. He started out as an employee straight out of highschool to owning a $50,000 MRR SaaS company and being considered as an expert in online marketing. How did he do it?

Tune in to this episode of the Big Break Software Podcast as Justin Burns of Miestro shares with Geordie Wardman how his entrepreneurial started and eventually led to him entering the SaaS industry, how he used his early days as a keynote speaker to market his product, how he approaches affiliates with promotion offers, and how his company eventually got its biggest break.