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Big Break Software Podcast

May 28, 2020

Stefan Koenig is the Co-founder and CRO of Hull. Hull is a real-time customer data platform for marketing ops leaders in scaling SaaS companies. It allows customers to aggregate their complex marketing stack into a single coherent operational process so the teams can work together better and make more sales.

In this episode…

The SaaS journey is rarely smooth sailing all the time, and the team over at know this well. This week Stefan Koenig, a Co-founder at Hull, shares their growth story. When they started as a gamification and identity management platform and got into TechStars, they couldn’t raise seed funding, So they pivoted into a customer data management platform. 

After their pivot, they had to bootstrap all over again to build their new MVP before they tried raising capital. They succeeded the second time around and raised over 2.2 million USD in seed funding to reach their software big break. How did they pull it off? 

Hear all about the startup journey of in this episode of the Big Break Software Podcast, as Geordie Wardman and Stefan Koenig of chat about how Stefan and his co-founders pivoted their SaaS startup after failing at raising fund and going on to make their software big break.