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Big Break Software Podcast

Aug 4, 2020

Calvin Correli is the founder and CEO of Simplero. The company is an all in one online platform that strives to help coaches run and manage their online businesses. Simplero’s ideal customers are trainers, authors, educators, and speakers. 

In general, Simplero targets online business entrepreneurs and helps them scale their businesses through online courses. Listen in to find out Calvin’s journey into achieving his software big break. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Calvin established
  • How Calvin transitioned from programming to entrepreneurship
  • How your background can affect your entrepreneurship path in the future
  • The importance of knowing what you want to do in business
  • Find out what happened when Calvin finally figured out what he wanted to do
  • What is the purpose of a CEO in the opinion of Calvin?
  • Why entrepreneurs should have a coach who understands them well
  • The importance of delegating
  • How Calvin made money to support his business when starting out
  • Importance of networking in business
  • Why entrepreneurs should enroll in online courses regularly
  • How Calvin got his first Simplero customers in various parts of the world
  • Strategies that Calvin used to get his venture to $30,000 MRR in 2013
  • Understanding traffic conversions
  • Why entrepreneurs should build a personal brand

In his Episode

Before starting Simplero, Calvin took some time to think about what he wanted to do as an entrepreneur. At some point, he realized that he harbored so much knowledge that he wanted to share with the world. Then, Calvin says that he was a programmer and a terrible entrepreneur. He decided to invest in research to understand more about entrepreneurship and carve a niche for his interests. Listen in as he shares his journey when starting the company and how it evolved. 

Calvin says he had always been in the software industry, seeing that his parents owned a software company. He grew up around computers and programs that somehow shaped his future. Calvin tells Geordie how he spent many years trying to figure out what he wanted. He kept trying many things all at once. At some point, Calvin had to consult professionals to help him identify his niche. 

Calvin mentions that he was shocked when one of the professionals admitted that after spending hours with him, he too did not know what Calvin wanted. According to Calvin, that statement was his wake up call. However, he did not define what he wanted to do until one day, all his ventures dried up. Calvin discusses how frustrating that moment was and how it took him away from his comfort zone. 

Amid that moment, Calvin took the time to consider his passion, childhood dreams, and subjects that he studied in school. He was committed to establishing what he wanted to do, and this is how the thought of entrepreneurship crossed his mind. Calvin explains the events that led to him connecting with his company. You will need to hear how passionately Calvin explains the term Love as a Service as well. 

Refresher courses are critical, and this is something that Calvin discovered at some point in his journey. He shares his experience after enrolling for an online marketing course and the impact it had on his business. Calvin says that until recently, he did not know the effect of traffic conversions on a business. 

Someone introduced him to traffic conversions, which is how he discovered how essential the concept is. Calvin would later come up with a course to explain traffic conversions to his customers. Listen to Calvin as he tells Geordie what the course is all about and how entrepreneurs can benefit from the same. According to Calvin, getting a customer to use a product is one of the ways of retaining them. 

Running challenges is a strategy that companies use to reach a wider audience and potential clients. Simplero runs challenges through its Facebook platform that facilitates engagement with its customers. Calvin mentions that the company representatives try to answer as many questions from their followers as possible. 

After being an entrepreneur for years, Calvin learned that some customers want to interact with a specific brand because of the person behind it. In a bid to retain as many customers as possible, Calvin and his team have started building his personal brand. 

The company is also committed to giving back to the community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have collaborated with experienced staff who can help people who have lost jobs learn new skills. 

Calvin’s mantra is “spreading love through software.” He also encourages everyone to go for what they are passionate about.  


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